Writing is art and expression, and we love language and the written word. Our team is made up of Christ-followers, but we do not discriminate against any person or religion. We speak and write our own words through a loving blanket of faith, hope and love for the diversity that God has created.

As a community of respect, we are committed to avoiding jobs with explicit, pornographic or religiously slanderous material. However, each member of our team has personal beliefs about God, family and faith, and each reserves the right to choose which jobs to accept.

How can you join our team?
We are in the process of hand-selecting several top-notch local professionals at this very moment. If we haven't already contacted you, but you think you'd be a great addition because your beliefs and passions line up with ours, please email us at ready2publish@hotmail.com.

We charge a minimal one-time refundable fee of $25 to all team members to cover the time and expense involved in launching and advertising this site. The fee you pay gives you space for a personal photo and bio, contact info, as many blogs as you want to write for us about the work you are doing, as well as facebook and twitter coverage! If you do not receive any referrals within one year, that money will be refunded! We do not take a commission on any of your work. Any money you make from referrals you receive from this site will be your own. Please be responsible and pay your taxes.

By clicking the BUY NOW button and signing up for our team, you are making an implicit promise to be available for projects that are a good fit for you, referring work beyond your ability to other professionals on this site (i.e. if you're a writer with a client that needs an author photo, you send them to one of our photographers). You are also agreeing with our statement of faith and promising to work at a high level of ethics and moral responsibility. Warning: Any team member causing a ruckus will be dangled upside down, whipped with a wet noodle and removed from this site.