If you're all done writing, it's time to hire a team of editors who have worked with successful, published writers. Bethany and Aleta are each known for their ability to pinpoint punctuation, grammar and structure issues with a straightforward but encouraging manner. We aren't here to tear you down. We're here to build you up. Every writer has different needs, so to save you time and money, our editors work together from two angles on your manuscript.

Bethany Learn, Portland
"I came to you with an unfathomable task, and you did the impossible. You took a year-old manuscript, stripped out the plagued ramblings of a first-time author, and left me with something coherent to share with the world. You earned every dollar of your paycheck on this project. I hope someday that your eyes will heal - preferably before the sequel is finished. Hint, hint." -David K. Hulegaard, Author of Noble 

"As part of a team of beta readers and editors, Bethany gave feedback that helped me clarify important elements of 'Ravenmarked' and make it into a better novel. I appreciated her respect for my voice and her ability to sense at a high level what was and wasn't working within the story structure." -Amy J. Rose Davis, Author of Ravenmarked 

Bethany says: If you know your book is missing something, or you believe it needs an overhaul from start to finish with attention given to plot, characters and structure, then I'm ready to be your eagle-eye. I was my high school paper's news editor, then a beat reporter and fitness columnist in college, and now I'm a mom! My blog is Fit2B Mama, and I own Fit2B Studio, an online fitness community for which I teach Pilates & Yoga. I am also the blog-brains behind this community. I can work with a hard-copy manuscript and doodle all over it for you, or I can work digitally via google docs. Please email beth@fit2b.us to set up a free consultation and be sure to check out my factoidz articles. Namaste!

Aleta Sanstrum, Gresham
"Aleta was amazing. I had a very short deadline to edit my non-fiction book - 48 hours or less. Aleta turned it around in less than 24, finding all sorts of spacing, spelling, and grammatical errors that had slipped past me (again). God willing I'll have a novel ready for submission soon, and I plan to turn to Aleta again!" - Jane Wells, author of Glitter in the Sun
Aleta says: If you want input on creative words that flow out to your reader so that they can truly enjoy your book without the distraction of awkward sentences, I'm your girl. Typos jump off the page at me. My goal is to increase your book's readability by providing you with fresh eyes and candid insights. I am addicted to editing, diners and dives. I enjoy walking (okay not really and I never watch sports on TV), reading, knitting, sewing, volunteering at our local schools, watching my kids swim or ride horseback, and camping. If you wish to hire me, please note that the average final proofing takes at least 15-20 hours, and I require at least one week to read your book. Please email me at aleta@nef.org with any questions. 

Ready to Edit? After you contact us and arrange a deposit, 
we will contact you and request your first two chapters.

We charge $25 to assess your first two chapters and summary. That amount is credited toward the final service fee which can range from $125 to $500 depending on the needs of your book. Many authors will claim their book has already been edited and just needs a final proofing, but if we discover structural or character weaknesses, we don't want to check the whole document for typos when you'll be making massive changes. If your writing is clean, requiring only one reading, then you're looking at a 1/3-penny per word, minus your initial deposit. If your book has structural weaknesses, poor character sketching, missing scenery, etc. the mandatory work will also increase the price. In those cases, your book will need to go through Bethany, then back to you, then to Aleta for her final edit. 

Have a quick deadline? If you need your work back in less that 72 hours, we can do that for you. However, fast deadlines require more from us and our families, so we charge double.