Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Melinda Todd: Trailing After God

Even though we only have three officially registered professionals on this blog, and only one has her bio up for all to see, the jobs are rolling in! However, our blog posts won't toot our own horns, but rather they will sing the praises of God working through our clients as we all work together to use our gifts and talents are there for His glory.

The second editing job done by Bethany Learn was for Melinda Todd, author of "How I Forgave My Molester." Although it's a short read, it's not meant to be a coffee table book. Melinda hired Bethany to be an objective voice in editing and reshaping her book, which has already been published once before, into something that would be even more clear and caring to those who have experienced sexual abuse and molestation.

"So many just suffer in silence.  There are not a lot of resources available for a woman who has been sexually abused.  I’ve tried finding Christian resources and they’re just not out there.  It’s a yucky topic and many women think they are the only one it happened to.  We know that’s not true when we look at statistics.  One in three women has been sexually abused. That’s a lot of damaged and hurting hearts out there!" -Melinda Todd

God is not wasting any of Melinda's hurts. Her web page and facebook are hubs for the hurting, and if you know anyone who needs help with past abuses, please send them her way. Because God is turning her story into His glory as women read and heal and begin to hope.

What is your story? Have you processed an event in your past to the point that you are ready to write about it? Do you have a fictional story, that although untrue, could still bring light and laughter to lives living in the shadows? Do you need a graphic designer, author photo or a coach who will help you with the whole process? Let us help you get ready to publish today!


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  2. Well said! All my best to Melinda and God Bless her efforts in reaching those hurting and suffering. May her book and her ministry be used in pointing the way to Jesus!

  3. Thank you so much for working with me! I look forward to the next book and working on something fun next time around :) You have all been an amazing blessing to me!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God